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Classification of inverters

Classification of inverters.

Sine wave inverter, modified wave inverter, power frequency inverter.

The inverter is to convert the DC power (battery, storage battery) into the transaction current (generally 220V, 50Hz sine wave). At present, inverter is widely used in air conditioning, home theater, electric grinding wheel, electric tools, sewing machine, DVD, VCD, computer, TV, washing machine, range hood, refrigerator, video recorder, massager, fan, lighting, etc. What are the specific types?

The output of sine wave inverter is the same or better sine wave AC as the grid we use everyday, because there is no electromagnetic pollution in the grid.

The output of square wave inverter is square wave alternating current with poor quality. The maximum value of its positive direction to the maximum value of its negative direction is almost generated at the same time, which has a dramatic unstable impact on the load and the inverter itself. At the same time, its load capacity is poor, only 40-60% of the rated load, without inductive load. If the load is too large, the third harmonic component in the square wave current will increase the capacitive current flowing into the load, and even damage the power filter capacitance of the load.

In view of the above shortcomings, quasi sine wave (or modified sine wave, modified sine wave, analog sine wave and so on) inverter appears. Its output waveform has a time interval from the positive maximum value to the negative maximum value, and the use effect is improved. However, the quasi sine wave waveform is still composed of broken lines, belonging to the category of square wave, with poor continuity.

Generally speaking, sine wave inverter provides high-quality alternating current and can drive any kind of load, but its technical requirements and cost are high. Quasi sine wave inverter can meet most of our power demand, high efficiency, low noise, moderate price, so it becomes the mainstream product in the market. The square wave inverter is made of simple multivibrator, whose technology belongs to the level of the 1950s, and will gradually withdraw from the market.

According to the different power supply, the inverter is divided into coal power inverter, solar power inverter, wind power inverter and nuclear power inverter. According to different purposes, it is divided into independent control inverter and grid connected inverter.

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